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404 message

A 404 error message is a type of Internet web server error message. Many times this web service error can be frustrating as generally there is not an error with your computer but rather an error with the Web server. A 404 error message means that your server is not able to find the file that you requested. The file you are looking for may be moved or deleted altogether and if either of these is the case than a 404 error message appears on your computer screen.

When you are communicating by using HTTP the server responds to your request with different numeric response code. Every single response code has associated with it a string of English text that must be present. The response code for a 404 message error is “Not Found”. Generally when web servers send a 404 message error a short HTML document which mentions both the numeric code and the associated string is included. There are many web browsers that do not show this message to the person trying to find the page. Some browsers have a friendlier and sometimes humorous 404 message error.

Many times people type in the file quickly and it is misspelled. If this is the case a 404 error message will appear. Try spelling it the correct way and if the file is still not found it means it has probably been moved or deleted. You can also try to backtrack by deleting information in the URL between each backlash. You can do this until you get the correct page and no error message comes up on your screen. By correcting these things you might be able to find what Web page you are trying to locate.

When using Microsoft Outlook Web Access there are several different types of 404 error messages which can appear. The error can say file not found, not found, object not found, page cannot be found, and the page cannot be found.

One of these error messages can be caused by things such as DNS name resolution, proxy server configuration, exchange virtual directory configuration, Uniform Resource Locator (URL) creation, the URL Scan component of the Internet Information Server (IIS) lockdown tool, or the port assignment on the OWA Web site.

Whatever the problem is there is a solution to finding the page if in fact it does exist. A 404 message error is just telling you that there is a problem directing the server to that page.

energy boost

Feel like you're dragging a little bit? There are some proven ways to help you improve your mood and give you an energy boost.

First, think positive thoughts. When you think negative thoughts about yourself, others, the future, the world, your financial situation or anything else, it bogs you down. When you find your thoughts going in this direction, stop! Notice what you're doing. And then deliberately replace the negative chatter in your mind with positive thoughts and concepts. It takes practice. But the more you do it, the better and lighter you feel.

Second, cut back on or eliminate your intake of caffeine. That buzz it gives you leaves you with less energy than before you imbibed it once it wears off. Replace caffeinated beverages with decaffeinated or non-caffeinated drinks. Drink water instead of sodas and herbal tea instead of coffee and caffeinated tea. Mint is a mild stimulant that is actually good for you.

Third, get enough sleep. If you have trouble getting to sleep, adopt a special bedtime routine, much like parents do with their young children. Make it relaxing and not stimulating, and start your bedtime routine at the same time every night. Get up at the same time every morning too, even on weekends. The body responds well to routine.
Short afternoon naps can give you an energy boost as well. Even 20 minutes can make a difference in the quality of your days.

Fourth, take stretch breaks during the day. Stretching refreshes you, and the yawns that tend to go along with stretching help oxygenate your blood. Take deep breaths while you're extending those arms and legs as far as you can. You can easily stretch at your office desk once every half hour or so. Try this, and you'll be less drained at the end of a work day.

Fifth, exercise. Even a brisk walk at lunch or later in the afternoon will give you an energy boost, on that is likely to continue for quite some time after the physical activity is over. You don't have to turn into a jock to reap the benefits of exercise. Short sessions of mild exercise done a few times each day have great benefits.

And most important, you've got to ditch junk food and fast food and eat a diet that is primarily fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and, if you eat meat, consume cuts with low fat from animals that are raised with proper attention to healthy diets and conditions.

If you do these things and find your feet are still dragging, consult your doctor. You might have a medical condition that needs professional attention.

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